Counterparty risk


  1. Utility Transparency and Monitoring
    1. Transmission - Transmission loss rate
    2. Transmission
    3. Transmission
    4. Retail Sales - Bill collection rate
    5. Retail sales
    6. Retail sales
    7. Is the utility operating an incidence/outage recording system (or SCADA/EMS with such functionality)?
    8. Is the utility measuring the SAIDI and SAIFI or any other measurements for service reliability?
    9. If yes, are they audited by an independent auditor?
    10. Generation - Electricity available for sale to end-users
    11. Generation
    12. Generation
    13. Distribution - Distribution loss rate
    14. Distribution
    15. Distribution
    16. Are the measurements reported to the regulatory body?
    17. Are the measurements available to public?
    18. Are the following metrics published in a primary official document (by the utility, regulator or ministry and/or government)?
    19. Are the financial statements of the largest utility publicly available?
  2. Payment risk mitigation
    1. If the counterparty is a special purpose entity, is it underwritten by a government guarantee or are there other mechanisms to ensure credit worthiness (e.g. through a letter of credit, escrow account, payment guarantee, or other)?
    2. Are standard PPAs bankable?
  3. Creditworthiness

Country Scores

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