Attributes of financial and regulatory incentives


  1. Fixed tariffs for small producers
    1. Is there a schedule or clear rules (e.g. capacity based limits) for adjusting the tariff level over time?
    2. Is there a mechanism to control the capacity built under each tariff?
    3. Can small producers (residential, commercial rooftop PV,etc ) connect to the grid?
    4. Are tariffs indexed (in part of in whole) to an international currency or to inflation?
    5. Are different tariffs available for different technologies and sizes of the generation plant?
    6. Are contracts with fixed tariffs available for such producers?
  2. Auctions
    1. Is there a schedule for future bids/auctions available for investors?
    2. Is there a pre-qualification process to select bidders?
    3. Is competition used to ensure large scale RE generation (projects>10MW) is cost competitive (e.g. through auctions for PPA's)? If so,
    4. Have auctions/bids met stated target for installations?
    5. Are there provisions to ensure full and timely project completion (e.g. bid-bonds, project milestones)?
    6. Are tariffs indexed (in part or in whole) to an international currency or to inflation?
    7. Are projects awarded through auctions/bids online/on track to be online on stated date?

Country Scores

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