Scope of Officially Approved Electrification Plan


  1. Service level target
    1. Does the plan target a service level (e.g., power availability, number of guaranteed hours of power supply, etc.)?
  2. Inclusion of off-grid solutions
    1. Does the electrification plan include off-grid solutions (either/or both minigrids and stand-alone systems)?
  3. Inclusion of community and productive services
    1. Does the plan include productive uses (e.g. agricultural, commercial, and industrial activities)?
    2. Does the plan include community facilities (e.g. health centers, schools, administrative buildings)?
  4. Inclusion and gender sensitivity
    1. Does the plan specifically address the electricity access of female-headed households?
  5. Financing of the plan
    1. Does the plan encourage the leveraging of private-sector financing?
    2. Does the plan detail how it will be funded?

Country Scores

There are no country scores for this indicator