Framework for Grid Electrification


  1. Standards of performance on quality of supply
    1. Is there a periodic reporting system in place to ensure standards compliance?
    2. Does the government specify standards of performance on reliability (e.g. number of guaranteed hours per day, duration of the electricity, frequency of outages, etc.)?
  2. Funding support to grid electrification
    1. Does the government have a dedicated funding line or budget for electrification (e.g., funded national program, budget item, rural electrification fund to finance grid extension)?
    2. Are there capital subsidies paid to the utilities to provide distribution systems to rural areas/villages?
  3. Funding support for consumer connections
    1. Is there a connection fee?
    2. Are there consumer financing mechanisms (i.e. utility loans, on-bill financing, micro-loans etc.) and/or direct subsidies available to support the payment of connection fees by consumers?

Country Scores

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