Electrification Planning


  1. Targets and implementation
    1. Is there a requirement for periodic progress reports tracking progress towards the defined energy access target?
    2. Does the tracking get published?
  2. Public availability of electrification plan
    1. Is there an electricity access target in the national electrification plan?
    2. Are these geospatial maps made publicly available?
    3. Are the electrification plan and the updates publicly available?
  3. Institutional set-up
    1. Setting electrification strategy?
    2. Setting electrification milestones and deadlines?
    3. Reporting progress towards the defined energy access target/milestones with periodic reports?
    4. Coordinating generation, transmission, and distribution plans and their implementation?
    5. Are there institution(s) responsible for carrying out the following functions:
  4. Existence
    1. Were there any public consultations while developing the plan?
    2. Is there an officially approved national electrification plan?
    3. Is there a provision for the plan to be periodically evaluated?
    4. Is the electrification plan developed based on demand assessment and/or geospatial least cost analysis?
    5. Are there geospatial maps conveying the timeframe of planned grid extension?

Country Scores

There are no country scores for this indicator