Financing Incentives and Attributes


  1. Supplier incentives
    1. Is there business development support available for private sector for capacity building?
    2. Is there a fund supporting business innovation or R&D?
    3. Are there targeted incentives for gender inclusion (for e.g., for women led businesses)?
    4. Are there programs for commercial entities to invest in efficient, low-emission stoves?
    5. Are there duty exemptions, tax benefits, and/or subsidies to support clean cooking solutions?
  2. Financing mechanisms
    1. Are there targeted incentives to prmote higher tier or high performing solutions?
    2. Are there specific financing or subsidy programs for clean cooking solutions targeted to low income consumers?
    3. Are there specific financing facilities available to support suppliers/consumers to develop/purchase clean cooking solutions?
    4. Are there social safety/security net programs covering cleaning cooking solutions for low income households?
    5. Are there provisions to support public institutions in getting incentives/subsidies for clean cooking solutions? For e.g., for school meal programs.

Country Scores

There are no country scores for this indicator