Framework for minigrids


  1. Standards and quality
    1. Are these safety standards made publicly available?
    2. Are there technical standards detailing the requirements for minigrids to connect the grid?
    3. Are there safety standards for minigrids (e.g. overcurrent protection, system control, etc.)?
    4. Are technical standards made publicly available?
  2. Legal framework for minigrids operation
    1. Do the regulations differ by size of minigrids?
    2. Do the regulations clarify what will occur when the interconnected grid reaches a minigrid?
    3. Can minigrids be owned and operated by private operators?
    4. Are there clear licensing procedures for minigrid operators and consumers?
  3. Financial incentives
    1. Are there specific financing facilities (access to credit etc.) available to support operators?
    2. Are there publicly funded mechanisms to secure viability gap funding for operators?
    3. Are there duty exemptions and/or capital subsidies for minigrid systems and/or individual components?
  4. Existence of national program
    1. Are there programs which aim to develop minigrid systems or support the development of minigrids systems?
    2. Are minigrids legally allowed to operate in the country?
  5. Ability to charge cost-reflective tariffs
    1. Are minigrid operators legally allowed to charge a cost-reflective tariff, even if it is different from the national tariff?

Country Scores

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