Incentives & mandates: public sector


  1. Tracking and enforcement of obligations
    1. Is there a reporting mechanism to track and enforce energy savings in public sector facilities (either in-house or by a third party)?
  2. Public procurement of energy efficiency products
    1. Is there a specific policy or mandated guidelines for public procurement of energy-efficient products and services?
    2. Are procurement guidelines updated periodically to reflect technological advances and best practices in energy efficient products and services?
  3. Obligations for public infrastructure
    1. Are there binding energy savings obligations for public buildings and/or other public facilities (may include water supply, wastewater services, municipal solid waste, street lighting, transportation, and heat supply) ?
  4. Ability to retain energy savings
    1. Do public budgeting regulations and practices allow public entities to retain energy savings at the following levels?

Country Scores

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