Incentives & mandates: Industrial and Commercial End users


  1. Small-medium size enterprises (SMEs)
    1. Is there an energy efficiency mandate or incentive program for SMEs?
  2. Performance recognition
    1. Is there a program to publicly recognize end users that have achieved significant energy savings measures?
    2. Does the program offer assistance (from a government or independent entity) to end users to identify energy savings investments opportunities?
    3. Are energy savings and/or financial savings publicized?
  3. Mandates for large consumers
    1. Targets (e.g. kWh savings or lower energy intensity or carbon dioxide reductions, etc.)
    2. Progress/tracking reports
    3. Mandatory audits
    4. Is there a requirement for periodic reporting of energy consumption in order to enforce and/or track progress of energy efficiency in large consumers’ facilities?
    5. Is there a measurement and verification program in place?
    6. Energy-management system (computer technologies to optimize energy use)
    7. Are there penalties in place for non-compliance with regulatory obligations for EE?
    8. Are there any of the following energy-efficiency mandates for large energy users?
  4. Incentives for large consumers
    1. Are energy efficiency incentives in place for large-scale users?

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