Energy efficiency entities


  1. Human Capital and Institutions
    1. Setting EE strategy
    2. Setting EE standards
    3. Selecting and/or approving third party auditors tasked with certifying EE standards
    4. Regulating EE activities of energy suppliers
    5. Regulating EE activities of energy consumers
    6. Other
    7. Monitoring and verification of energy consumption/savings
    8. Energy efficiency financing
    9. Energy auditing/energy management
    10. Certifying compliance with equipment EE standards
    11. Certifying compliance with building EE standards
    12. Building energy efficiency construction/design
    13. Are there professional certification/accreditation programs mandated for any of the following energy efficiency activities
    14. Are there governmental and/or independent bodies that carry out formulation and implementation of EE strategy, policy and regulation for each of the roles listed below
    15. Are energy efficiency programs developed based on market analyses with plans open to public consultation and periodic evaluation?

Country Scores

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