EE incentives from electricity rate structures


  1. Time of use tariffs
    1. Variable peak pricing
    2. Variable peak pricing
    3. Variable peak pricing
    4. Seasonal rate
    5. Seasonal rate
    6. Seasonal rate
    7. Residential sector
    8. Real-time pricing
    9. Real-time pricing
    10. Real-time pricing
    11. Peak-time rebates and/or time of day tariffs
    12. Peak-time rebates and/or time of day tariffs
    13. Peak-time rebates and/or time of day tariffs
    14. Industrial sector
    15. Critical peak pricing
    16. Critical peak pricing
    17. Critical peak pricing
    18. Commercial sector
    19. Are any of the following time-of-use (TOU) rate structures applied to the residential sector, commercial services sector, and industrial sector?
  2. Electricity rate structure
    1. What types of electricity rate structure do the residential, commercial services, and industrial customers face?
    2. Residential customers
    3. Industrial customers
    4. Increasing block rates
    5. Increasing block rates
    6. Increasing block rates
    7. Flat fee (per connection)
    8. Flat fee (per connection)
    9. Flat fee (per connection)
    10. Declining block rates
    11. Declining block rates
    12. Declining block rates
    13. Constant (uniform) block rates
    14. Constant (uniform) block rates
    15. Constant (uniform) block rates
    16. Commercial customers
  3. Demand charges (large customers)
    1. Which of the following charges do electricity customers pay in the commercial services sector and industrial sector?
    2. Reactive power (kVAr)
    3. Reactive power (kVAr)
    4. Industrial sector
    5. Energy (kWh)
    6. Energy (kWh)
    7. Demand (kW)
    8. Demand (kW)
    9. Commercial sector

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